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Decisions made at committee meeting 09 March 2021

Updated: Apr 9

Following last night’s committee meeting the following changes have been proposed for the forthcoming season.

WEF 01 April 2021: Secretary: Dave Black Treasurer: Ben Holdaway Chairman: Dave Blake

Ticket prices from 01 June 2021: Adult Club Ticket: £100 Senior Club Ticket: £20 Juniors – Free

Itters night ticket will be £150 all inclusive Claydon Summer Night £200 all inclusive Claydon Winter Night £175 all inclusive

The rationale behind the price increase is to cover improvement works/stocking/fencing etc.

However there will be no new members this year.

As holding an AGM is still uncertain due to the current COVID roadmap, I would like to give everyone 5 days to comment/object.

Please carefully think about any comments you wish to make and direct them formally to

After 5 calendar days the planned changes will be taken as passed.



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