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Update April ‘21

Afternoon Guys,

Just a couple of updates for you:

1) We have been able to secure some more fish for the end of the year to be split between Claydon and Itters and these are from VS Fisheries so a true thoroughbred British fish. These will all be C4 mirrors between 12 and 14lbs. I have ordered 15 and my intention is to stock 8 in Claydon and 7 in Itters.

2) I have heard rumours about cats allegedly being moved from Itters to Claydon. This is nonsense and catagorically will not happen. The fisheries permits do not allow the removal of fish between the two lakes, particularly the cats which we have to have a specific permit for for both lakes. Any member or club official involved in this will face immediate expulsion from the club, and could cost the club thousands in fines.

3) We now have a small boat at Itters for use at both lakes for work parties and general maintenance. The boat is locked and secured below the CCTV camera at Itters as the last one was stolen from Claydon. Both Ben Holdaway and I have a key to the lock. If you get a fish snagged and we are around we will happily come and assist with the boat on Itters where the boat is. If you crack Off or decorate the trees with a rig or two, please just send me a message and i will retrieve it rather than leave wildlife at risk. (I promise we won’t take the mickey - much 🤣)

4) I am attempting to book Calvert Green Community Hall for an AGM provisionally for Sunday 27th June. Obviously the pandemic has made it impossible for one to have gone ahead until restrictions allow and we hope this will be possible then. I’ve asked for the bar to be staffed etc so we can have a beer or two and a BBQ.

5) We have been inundated with membership requests and I currently have over 30 people wanting to become members. The plan is still to leave membership closed for this season if financially viable for the club given the changes in price of tickets etc. We anticipate the numbers of members will drop only very slightly given the number of renewals already received.



Club Secretary

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