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Calvert Angling Club AGM

Calvert Angling Club AGM

Friday 4th March 2022 20:30

Calvert Green Community Hall

We are glad to finally be able to announce the AGM after a number of cancellations and events beyond our control.

Main Points of Business

1) Announcement of Claydon Middle and Top lake lease, plans and expectations

2) Work Party Structure with further expectation on members to attend.

3) Dave Blake was voted in as Chairman by committee instead of by members as a result of their being no possibility of an AGM because of Covid restrictions. We as the committe stand by Mr Blake but if anyone would like to stand as chairman it will be for those present to vote on the Chairman position. John Wetherall will remain as club president in respect to the time and dedication over many years he served the club.

If you wish to nominate yourself as Chairman please message me ASAP, otherwise this will remain as is.

4) Waiting list deposit, vetting and recommendation policy to ensure we have the right new members joining should there be any ticket availability.

If you have any suggestions issues or recommendations please send these in to me via PM or via email ONLY so I can add these to the agenda.

We are in a really fortunate position as a club that we are financially secure and we can concentrate running the club purely for the benefit of our members and not profits.

Please let me know on the voting button attached if you will be attending as we will have beer and grub laid on for those attending so we know how much to get sorted!

This is your club, get involved and it would be good to see as many faces there as possible!


Blacky ✌️🎣

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